Governor Tim Walz (D) approved Minnesota Housing’s 2024-2025 QAP. The QAP has been updated to include some important changes:

  • Simplified the application materials for projects that propose to include supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness and people with disabilities;
  • Incentivized meaningful engagement in the development process from communities most impacted by housing disparities and instability;
  • Enhanced scoring opportunities for projects that prioritize leadership and participation in the development process by Black-, Indigenous-, People of Color- and Women-owned/led businesses;
  • Created a new incentive for projects that combine energy efficiency and renewable energy to reduce emissions; and
  • Increased the number of housing tax credits available for smaller-scale projects in rural and Tribal areas.

The 2024-2025 QAP, Self-Scoring Worksheet and Methodology Guide can be found on the Housing Tax Credits webpage.