The Multifamily Impact Council (MIC) released the Multifamily Impact Framework 1.0, which establishes a baseline of common principles, definitions and reporting guidelines for multifamily impact investments to help property owners and investors attract more impact-motivated capital. The Framework is based on seven impact principles (Affordability, Housing Stability, Economic Health and Mobility, Resident Engagement, Health and Wellness, Climate and Resilience and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and was developed through a year-long process involving interviews, research, public surveys, feedback sessions and input from MIC’s Advisory Board.

Feedback on the Framework can be sent here. If your organization is interested in joining the MIC or partnering with the MIC to adopt the Framework and incorporate its reporting metrics into your organization’s measurement or analytics platform, please get in touch with Bob Simpson at [email protected]. Bob will present the Framework at NH&RA’s Summer Institute in Laguna Niguel on August 1.