Last week the House and Senate Appropriations Committees both voted Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Transportation-Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD) appropriations bills out of committee. The Senate funding bill, which was released the same day as the hearing, provides just over $70 billion for HUD’s programs, representing an $8.26 billion (or roughly 13 percent) increase from FY 23-enacted levels. The proposal would include enough funding to renew all existing Tenant-Based Rental Assistance and Project-Based Rental Assistance contacts and provide slight increases to the Homeless Assistance Grants program, Native American Housing Block Grants and other programs. Other programs would receive level funding, and few would face cuts under the Senate’s proposal. Funding for FY 2023 expires on September 30 and legislators head out of town for August recess through Labor Day, leaving a few legislative days to complete FY 2024 funding.

 (In millions)   FY23 Enacted   FY24 President Budget Request   FY24 House   FY24 Senate
HUD Programs   
Tenant-Based Rental Assistance   30,253 32,70331,13131,737[JH1] 
Public Housing Capital Fund   3,380 3,7103,2353,310
Public Housing Operating Fund   5,134 5,1835,1285,565
Choice Neighborhoods Initiative   350 1850150
Hsg. Opp. for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)   499 505505505
Community Development Fund (CDBG)   3,300  (additional 2,982 in earmarks) 3,300   3,300   3,300   
HOME Investment Partnerships   1,500 1,8005001,500
Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA)   14,907 15,90415,82015,791
Hsg. for the Elderly (202)   1,075 1,0239131,075
Hsg. For Persons w/Disabilities (811)   360 356208360
USDA Programs   
Section 515 Rental Housing Direct  70 2006060
Section 521 Rental Assistance   1,488 1,6501,6071,608
Section 542 Vouchers   48384848
Multifamily Preservation & Revitalization   36 753435

Source: National Low Income Housing Coalition and Housing Assistance Council

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