The House returned this week following August recess and both chambers are racing to meet the September 30 appropriations deadline. The full Senate is expected to vote on three of the twelve spending bills this week, including the Transportation-Housing and Urban Development bill.  

Earlier this year the House passed one of the twelve bills, and has not yet charted a path forward on the remaining bills. Expect a flurry of action ahead of the end of the fiscal year, but not quite enough to get across the finish line. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has indicated that he plans to attach disaster aid to a short-term spending bill that could last into mid-November. 

The debt limit deal included a provision that if appropriations are not passed by the end of the calendar year, all federal spending will be reduced by one percent. Recently, appropriations have slipped into the following calendar year, but the debt limit deal provision may accelerate the timeline for FY2024 appropriations.