There are 47 days between now and the end of the year and only two days until the government runs out of funding under the current continuing resolution (CR). The current proposal to fund the government is being called a ‘laddered CR’ and sets up two different funding deadlines for different parts of the government (one on January 19, the other February 2). The January 19 bills are Transportation, Housing and Urban Development; Military; Agriculture; and Energy & Water, with the remaining eight funded through February 2.

Some in Congress are urging that funding for Ukraine, Israel and the southern border be included in the funding bill, while others are pushing for a ‘clean’ funding bill. The logic in a funding bill that extends into 2024 is to avoid a last-minute, year-end bill that is often described as a Christmas tree and loaded up with lots of funding.

Pushing the funding bills into 2024 potentially makes room for a year-end tax package. Now is the time to reach out to your member[JH1] [KS2] s of Congress to urge inclusion of LIHTC proposals in any tax package. Our proposals are actively in the mix of consideration and leadership needs to hear from members to move them into the final package before Thanksgiving. Please contact your representatives that have co-sponsored the bills (H.R. 3238 and S. 1557), as well as those who haven’t. The House needs  seven Republican co-sponsors to reach 200 members. The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition and the ACTION Campaign both have great resources on contacting your members of Congress. Please reach out to NH&RA staff if you need any assistance!