HUD’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs and Office of Residential Care Facilities published a Housing Notice titled Required Use of Portfolio Manager for Green Mortgage Insurance Premium Compliance Reporting, which pertains to changes to annual compliance reporting for Green Mortgage Premium (MIP) rate recipients. The notice replaces previous instructions provided to multifamily and Section 232 properties.

As previously required, you must submit the Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) by March 31 of the subsequent year after the 12-month data collection period of January 1 to December 31. Instead of exporting and emailing compliance data to HUD, property owners are now required to use the Portfolio Manager’s data sharing function to share compliance data with HUD. This one-time action will replace annual exports by property owners, ensuring easier and more reliable reporting. This process applies to SEPs due March 31, 2024, and all subsequent submissions until otherwise amended. Instructions on how to connect with the HUD accounts are available on their website under “How to Register and Benchmark Multifamily Properties in Portfolio Manager.”