The RAD Collaborative recently released a special report that highlights some outcomes for properties and residents under the RAD program. The report highlights the following positive impacts of the RAD program: 

  • when converted under RAD, the flow of insufficient Public Housing Operating and Capital Funds have leveraged $19.2 billion in construction investment (17:1 leverage ratio); 
  • RAD investment has substantially improved and supported new construction of over 174.000 public housing units, plus an additional 53,000 other Section 8, tax credit and market rate apartments (184,000 units are in process);  
  • over a half-million low-income residents now have high-quality homes and over 12 percent of these homes are newly constructed in lower-poverty neighborhoods with better schools, jobs, and amenities in RAD developments; and 
  • nearly 365,000 jobs are attributed to direct and indirect employment generated by RAD projects across the country. 

The results highlighted are due to the collaboration of HUD, PHAs, their partners and engaged practitioners. More highlights are available from Tom Davis, recap office director in his recent letter and the regularly updated RAD Resource Desk