The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) will hold a Multifamily Committee meeting at 10 a.m. today, March 13. Register here. Following the Multifamily Committee Meeting, OHFA will hold a meeting on its Annual Plan at 11 a.m., register here. The agendas for the meetings are as follows: 

Multifamily Committee Meeting Agenda 

I. Approval of the Minutes 

II.    Multifamily Housing Update 

III.   Housing Development Loan Program 

  • Defiance Ridge Apartments 
  • Hope Homes I 
  • Renew Miami Chapel Phase 1 
  • Hebron Senior Apartments 

IV. Housing Development Loan/Housing Development Assistance Programs 

  • Niles Senior Housing 

V. Multifamily Bond Program 

  • Emerald Place Inducement Resolution 
  • Jalen Lofts Final Resolution 
  • NCJC Downtown Final Resolution 
  • Stratford Place HDL, HDAP and Final Resolution 
  • Touchstone Field Place II HDL, HDAP and Final Resolution 
  • Glen Meadows Amending Resolution 
  • Hitchcock Housing Reauthorizing Resolution 

VI.  Exception Request 

  • April Housing 

VII. FY 2024 Capital Magnet Funds 

VIII. Other Business 

Annual Plan Committee Meeting Agenda 

 I.    Approval of the Minutes 

II.   Annual Plan Overview 

III.  Annual Plan Advisory Council 

IV.  Other Business