The Council of Economic Advisers released the 2024 Economic Report of the President, which includes a chapter on Increasing the Supply of Affordable Housing. The report explores the causes and consequences of the nation’s longstanding housing shortage and how the Biden-Harris administration’s policy agenda can increase the production of more affordable housing. 

Investment Focus: The report underscores a significant focus on investing in affordable housing as a crucial component of the Economic Recovery Plan for 2024. 

Policy Strategies: It outlines specific policy strategies aimed at expanding access to affordable housing, likely including measures to incentivize construction, streamline regulations and provide financial assistance to low-income households. 

Impact on Economic Stability: Addressing the affordable housing crisis is positioned to promote economic stability, recognizing the interplay between housing security and overall economic well-being. 

Long-Term Vision: The report presents a long-term vision for sustainable affordable housing solutions, acknowledging the complexity of the issue and the need for comprehensive, lasting strategies.