The 2024 four percent LIHTC Affordable Housing Funding Application (AHFA) is now available on the Ohio Housing Finance Agency’s (OHFA’s) website

Applicants in the four percent LIHTC round must use this AHFA as it has been tailored for the four percent LIHTC without Bond Gap Financing (BGF) or Ohio LIHTC resources. OHFA will not accept AHFAs from other program rounds, such as the nine percent LIHTC, four percent LIHTC with BGF or four percent LIHTC with Ohio LIHTC rounds.  

OHFA will only accept final applications that have secured pre-application approvals. Final applications are recommended to be submitted within 90 days of pre-application approvals. OHFA will continue to accept final applications through Nov. 15, 2024, in accordance with the program calendar listed on page 6 of the 2024 four percent LIHTC Qualified Allocation Plan