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Breaking Ground

Now that eviction moratoriums have expired across much of the country, there is growing concern about the impact this will have on families who are still struggling to pay rent. The New York Times recently reported that landlords are filing roughly 2,000 eviction cases a week, a 40 percent increase since mid-January, when the state’s eviction moratorium expired.

Breaking Ground: Mark Schuster, CEO, The Wingate Companies

As we reflect back over the past 50 years and recognize some of our most prominent and supportive members in the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association, The Wingate Companies (founding members of NH&RA) needs to be on that list.   

Breaking Ground: Geoffrey Brown, President & CEO, USA Properties Fund and Incoming NH&RA Chairman

When the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association (NH&RA) convenes in Palm Beach, FL later this month for its Annual Meeting, Geoff Brown will officially become the next chairman of the Board of Directors.

Breaking Ground: Andrea Ponsor, President and CEO, Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future

In 2003, 13 of the largest nonprofit affordable housing providers, who today collectively manage 147,500 units, formed the Stewards of Housing for the Future (SAHF) to collaborate on best practices and advocate for change in Washington, DC and across the affordable housing ecosystem.

Breaking Ground: Gilbert Winn, CEO, WinnCompanies

In the fall of 2019, Gilbert Winn, the CEO of Boston-based WinnCompanies, formed a task force to explore new ways to reduce eviction rates within the company’s affordable housing portfolio. Five months later COVID-19 hit, but the task force continued to meet and hash out ideas and best practices that would be refined throughout 2020.

Breaking Ground: Joaquin Altoro, Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

Exciting things are going on in Wisconsin. There’s a pilot program soon getting underway that will examine opportunities for expanding access to affordable workforce housing.

Breaking Ground: Vincent R. Bennett, President and CEO, McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.

Asset managing can be challenging in the best of times but add a global pandemic to the equation and companies have had to reevaluate best practices to ensure peak property performance.

Breaking Ground: Larry Kraemer, Chief Operating Officer, Harkins Builders, Inc.

Supply chain delays, rising material costs, labor shortages. Construction companies have encountered these challenges before, but not during a global pandemic.

Breaking Ground: A Conversation with Architect and Urban Planning Pioneer Andrés Duany

Andrés Duany ranks among the world’s most influential urban planners. He is the father of “New Urbanism,” the theory of town planning and architectural design that enables walkability, transit and diverse communities.

Breaking Ground: Debbie Kleban, Managing Partner, Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen, P.C.

Three years out of law school, Debbie Kleban joined four partners in founding the Chicago law firm of Applegate & Thorne-Thomsen, P.C. in 1998. Over the next 23 years, she played an instrumental role in the firm’s successes. In recognition of her leadership and commitment to the firm, her partners unanimously approved her to succeed Ben Applegate as the managing partner in January 2021.

Breaking Ground: Holly Wiedemann, President and Owner, AU Associates

Holly Wiedemann is an award-winning developer based in Lexington, KY and a leading advocate for affordable housing and historic preservation.

Breaking Ground: Daryl Carter, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Avanath Capital Management

Daryl Carter grew up in Detroit, the son of a factory worker and a maid who fled the South after World War II to seek a better life. They instilled a strong work ethic in their son and encouraged him to pursue the best possible education.

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