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Case Study: Massachusetts Seniors Living Out Their Golden Years, Literally  

The concept of seniors living out their golden years is more apt than usual at the Gardner Terrace I Apartments in Attleboro, MA.

Case Study: The Tangled Legacy of Hope VI 

HOPE VI, a hugely ambitious program to replace nearly 100,000 severely distressed public housing units over two decades with mixed-income units and to improve residential services and quality of life in hundreds of neighborhoods, clearly had mixed results, especially with its legacy of displacing tenants.

Case Study: New York’s Lambert Houses May Again Be An Urban Renewal Template 

The Lambert Houses in the New York City borough of the Bronx were considered cutting-edge solutions to inner city housing problems when they were constructed in the 1970s.

Case Study: The Court Square Building in Springfield, MA 

Historic Massachusetts Hotel to Be Preserved and Improved 

Waterfront Station

Case Study: Washington, DC’s Waterfront Station II 

Waterfront Station II in Washington, DC is a big project, big in every way.

Case Study: Atlantic/Pacific’s Faith-Based Housing in Florida and Maryland  

An old saying claims faith can move mountains. It can also move the making of a lot of affordable housing, especially for seniors, by faith-based developers with the assistance of a few more worldly partners. 

Case Study: The Doris on Main Will Be a Great Reminder of Doris Woda  

Doris Ann Ingold Woda is going to be remembered in Wheeling for a long time. In fact, once it is finished in mid-2023, the first thing you will see when you enter the West Virginia city from the bridge over the Ohio River will be a building named for her.

Case Study: Getting Ahead of the Decarbonization Curve                                                          

Decarbonization, changing from fossil fuels to electric, is a word affordable multifamily asset managers are going to need to learn in a hurry, if they don’t know it already.

Case Study: Taking Down the Walls Around Public Housing

Public housing has come a long way since Liberty Square was built in the late 1930s in Miami.

Case Study: Amazon Dives into Affordable Housing

There is going to be a lot going on at 192 Shoreline, a new affordable housing development in the Washington community of Shoreline, in the northern suburbs of Seattle.

Affordable Across America: Northeast

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: South

Affordable Across America

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