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Case Study: Stone Bridge Lofts in Goodlettsville, TN

New models of employer-assisted housing are emerging, as exemplified by the Amazon Housing Equity Fund’s investments in developing housing near its major employment hubs, in Seattle, Nashville and Arlington, VA to give access to quality affordable and workforce housing.

Case Study: Alta Verde Workforce in Breckenridge, CO

The “Alta” in the Alta Verde Workforce development in Breckenridge, CO, means “high.”

Case Study: Cathedrals, Miracles and the Spirit of Frederick Douglass

It was while visiting a low-income high rise in New York City’s Lower East Side neighborhood 20 years ago that I got the thought that some affordable housing towers are secular cathedrals.

Case Study: Ablett Village in Camden, NJ

Ablett Village is a Camden, NJ public housing project that dates way back. In fact, it has roots in both World Wars, named after a local soldier who died in World War I and used, on its completion in 1943, as housing for World War II war effort workers.

Case Study: Four Properties Preserve Affordable Housing

Jonathan Rose Companies is making a major push to preserve affordable housing in Chicago, acquiring hundreds of units in recent months, some financed by Low Income Housing Tax Credits, in an effort to create “Communities of Opportunity,” in these renovated properties.

Case Study: Pointe on La Brea in Los Angeles

Martin Luther King’s dream is continually being reinvented, enduringly so in California, where Dr. King’s assassination in 1968 spurred an ecumenical group of clergy and laymen in the Golden State’s Marin County to begin a project to build affordable housing that has continued to this day.

Case Study: The First 100 Years of Danube Apartments 

The Danube Apartments are a keeper.

Case Study: Timber Ridge Apartments in La Grande, OR 

Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects are always looking to make an impact. A four percent project in northeast Oregon underway is seeking to make a huge impact – to put a big dent into the affordable housing need in its area.

Case Study: Massachusetts Seniors Living Out Their Golden Years, Literally  

The concept of seniors living out their golden years is more apt than usual at the Gardner Terrace I Apartments in Attleboro, MA.

Case Study: The Tangled Legacy of Hope VI 

HOPE VI, a hugely ambitious program to replace nearly 100,000 severely distressed public housing units over two decades with mixed-income units and to improve residential services and quality of life in hundreds of neighborhoods, clearly had mixed results, especially with its legacy of displacing tenants.

Case Study: New York’s Lambert Houses May Again Be An Urban Renewal Template 

The Lambert Houses in the New York City borough of the Bronx were considered cutting-edge solutions to inner city housing problems when they were constructed in the 1970s.

Case Study: The Court Square Building in Springfield, MA 

Historic Massachusetts Hotel to Be Preserved and Improved 

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