Asset Management Council

As the affordable housing industry matures, developing asset management best practices represents a major opportunity for many firms to improve the financial performance of their portfolios. NH&RA’s Asset Management Council convenes portfolio management executives for informative discussions and information exchange with a focus on:

  • Collecting and managing data;
  • Structuring and staffing an asset management practice;
  • Managing corporate risk;
  • Reducing operating costs and mitigating property risk;
  • Leveraging asset management data to inform new development and underwriting

NH&RA’s Asset Management Council grew out of an earlier initiative, the Council for Energy Friendly Affordable Housing (CEFAH).  CEFAH was a working group of owners, managers and consultants of affordable housing focused on creating opportunities around utility efficiency measures, conservation efforts and renewable energy investments. CEFAH was created to educate owners, facilitate policy changes and help develop new financial products.  The Council has been an effective advocate for state and federal housing policy changes, developed critical policy research and is key in the development of NH&RA’s Preservation Through Energy Efficiency Initiative, a national educational initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Asset Management Council Events Highlights