CDLAC Tiebreaker Training Webinar (Q1 2022)


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NH&RA is excited to co-host with Kingdom Development a timely new training webinar on the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee’s (CDLAC) new tiebreaker, which will be employed in the second round of 2022 and beyond.  The new CDLAC tiebreaker measures public benefit against state investment and includes a number of measures. To aid the industry in visualizing the proposed tiebreaker, Kingdom Development has also created a calculator that you can download from its training website Kingdom Academy.

Training Topics:

  • Orient attendees to the new CDLAC tiebreaker structure and its various measures.
  • Train attendees on using the tiebreaker calculator to compare projects.
  • Remind attendees of the CDLAC regulation update process that includes the new tiebreaker.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will understand the general public policy behind the new tiebreaker structure.
  • Attendees will be able to use the tiebreaker calculator to compare various projects.
  • Attendees will know the process in which this tiebreaker is being considered for adoption.


William Leach founded Kingdom Development in January of 2015 and currently serves as its President. He is a natural leader, having served as an NCO in the military for 10-years, as a policy advocate in the affordable housing industry, and as a volunteer coach/mentor for various nonprofits. Over the past decade, Will has served on various public policy advisory committees and regularly speaks at industry conferences. Prior to forming Kingdom Development, Will was a Managing Director at 1410 Partners, LLC, where he provided consulting services to developers and housing authorities and held several leadership roles at Palm Communities, an affordable housing developer. Kingdom Development, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on improving the welfare of people through the development of affordable housing in three capacities: directly as an owner/developer, cooperatively as a consultant to developers, and indirectly as an adviser to the industry.