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Enterprise & NeighborWorks Publish New Report on Health Outcomes

Enterprise Community Partners and NeighborWorks America has published a new report titled, “On the Path to Health Equity: Building Capacity to Measure Health Outcomes in Community Development.”   The report highlights the findings of an innovative national demonstration project designed to build the capacity of 20 community-based organizations to measure the health outcomes of their work. This ground-breaking effort provides further evidence of the importance of the community development and healthcare sectors working together to find scalable solutions to the complex community challenges that are the root cause of many of the health disparities we see today. By the end of the project, the 20 participating organizations were equipped to engage in the catalytic cross-sector partnerships necessary to improve the health of low- and moderate-income communities.

Bellwether Enterprise Closes $115 Million in Financing for 12 Affordable Housing Communities across the Southeast

Bellwether Enterprise Real Estate Capital LLC (Bellwether Enterprise), the commercial and multifamily mortgage banking subsidiary of Enterprise Community Investment Inc., announced the closing of $115,000,000 in financing to enable Atlantic Housing Foundation, Inc. to purchase 12 affordable housing communities across South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.

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Enterprise’s Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute Honored with 2018 AIA Collaborative Achievement Award

Enterprise Community Partners’ (Enterprise) Affordable Housing Design Leadership Institute (AHDLI) was awarded the 2018 Collaborative Achievement Award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This is the second year in a row Enterprise has been honored with the award, with the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship winning last year.

Founded in 2010 on the belief that design excellence in affordable housing can transform the built environment to improve health and well-being and increase opportunity for residents, AHDLI has achieved dramatic results in towns and cities across the country. Attending AHDLI can significantly impact the design decisions made by participants. For example, after team members of the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) of Seattle attended, they significantly revised the design of the building they were creating for homeless youth. The result improved the lives of those young people and LIHI went on to win the 2017 Gold Nugget Design Award for “Best Affordable Housing.”

AHDLI brings together leading designers and developers of affordable homes for a two-and-a-half-day convening focused on innovation and best practices in community and sustainable design. Modeled after the Mayor’s Institute on City Design, AHDLI has served over 70 non-profit and community groups and municipalities. By allowing affordable housing developers to take a step back and reconsider what their buildings might achieve, developers learn to make well-designed homes affordable and create vibrant, more resilient communities.

AHDLI was born out of a collaborative effort among Lawrence Scarpa, FAIA, principal of Brooks + Scarpa; Maurice Cox, former Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia (now Planning Director for the City of Detroit); and Katie Swenson, vice president of National Design Initiatives at Enterprise Community. Together, they aimed to accelerate the adoption of design excellence by affordable housing industry leaders.

“As we approach nearly a decade of leading AHDLI, we are honored that the AIA has recognized our efforts with the Collaborative Achievement Award,” said Swenson. “Our goal is to continually raise the bar for the design and development of homes that are not only affordable but also inspiring, livable, and sustainable, providing a rung in the ladder of opportunity for low-income families.”

The AIA Collaborative Achievement Award recognizes and encourages distinguished achievements of allied professionals, clients, organizations, architect teams, knowledge communities, and others who have had a beneficial influence on or advanced the architectural profession. Enterprise and its fellow honoree Klyde Warren Park will be honored at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018 in New York City.

Enterprise and CPDC Combine Resources and Talents to Preserve Affordable Homes, Expand Opportunity in the Mid-Atlantic

Communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic will benefit from the combination announced today between Enterprise Community Investment(Enterprise) and Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC).

CPDC has over 30 properties providing homes to more than 10,000 residents in the Mid-Atlantic, and will operate as an affiliate of Enterprise. In total, Enterprise has created 470,000 affordable homes, including 144,000 homes through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program. By combining resources, CPDC and Enterprise will strengthen their collective ability to build and preserve affordable homes while developing and deploying the next generation of resident services.

Enterprise provides strong regional development and property management capabilities, national know-how and digital platforms for creating and preserving affordable housing. CPDC offers regional development expertise and extensive resident services through its innovative, award-winning Community Impact Strategies(CIS) program. The CIS model is built upon five areas of sustainable community development: economic development, education, environment, health and wellness and resident engagement.

The ultimate result of the combination will be greater opportunity for low-income families, thanks to the continued affordability of 12,000 homes in the Mid-Atlantic, and the provision of services that are even more responsive to the needs of residents.

“Meeting America’s deepening housing challenges demands preservation of existing affordable properties, and Enterprise and CPDC share a powerful commitment to, and deep expertise in, keeping homes affordable,” said Charlie Werhane, president & CEO of Enterprise Community Investment. “The opportunity to collaborate with CPDC will benefit both organizations and the residents we serve.”

“In Enterprise, CPDC found a great partner, one with a strong capital base and property management skills,” said J. Michael Pitchford, president and CEO of CPDC. “It enables us to ensure the continued affordability of thousands of homes we’ve developed over three decades and strengthens our ability to serve more residents and communities across the mid-Atlantic.”

Housing insecurity continues to grow in the U.S., with nearly 19 million low-income families either homeless or paying at least half of their monthly income on housing. Enterprise’s goal is to end housing insecurity in the U.S within a generation, and any serious solution must involve increasing the supply of affordable homes through both new construction and the preservation of existing properties.

“This combination offers a unique win/win – it provides a path for organizations looking for operational efficiency, while also delivering a platform that augments and enriches services to our residents,” said Brian McLaughlin, a former board member of CPDC and current member of the Enterprise Community Investment Board of Directors. “By bringing together two sets of complementary expertise, you end with a result that is greater than the sum of its parts and pulls achievement of our missions within even closer reach.”