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NH&RA Hosts ICAST IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator

ICAST’s IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator is now available on NH&RA’s website under the Resources section.


HUD Fair Housing Rule Provides Clarifications, Offers Data

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a final rule on affirmatively furthering fair housing. The rule clarifies existing fair housing obligations and indicates that HUD will provide open data and technical assistance for HUD grantees to meet those obligations.

NH&RA News

Supreme Court Upholds Disparate Impact in Fair Housing Decision

On June 25 the United States Supreme Court issued a decision upholding the use of the “disparate impact” analysis in the Fair Housing Act. The decision upholds an important and longstanding principle of the Fair Housing Act, namely that housing policy can be discriminatory by showing that what may seem like neutral policies have the effect of furthering discrimination.


Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments on Fair Housing Case

The United States Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments related to Texas Department of Housing and Community Development (TDHCA) vs. Inclusive Communities Project (ICP), a case that is examining whether or not disparate impact is “cognizable” under the Fair Housing Act.


HUD Releases Fair Housing Assessment Tool for Public Comment

HUD recently published a Notice in the Federal Register to release a new assessment tool for grantees to take advantage of when preparing Affirmatively Further Fair Housing (AFFH) plans.

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