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Sign-On by Nov. 20 to Support IRS COVID-Related LITHC Accommodations

The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition (AHTCC) is circulating a sign-on letter to support the National Council of State Housing Agencies’ (NCSHA) letter to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of the Treasury calling for an extension to the temporary COVID-related LIHTC relief. The deadline to sign-on is Friday, November 20. NH&RA joined the letter and encourages our members to do so as well!

IRS Extends Ability to Conduct Private Activity Bond Public Hearings by Teleconference

In response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published Revenue Procedure 2020-49, which provides temporary guidance on the statutory public approval requirement for tax-exempt qualified private activity bonds. The revenue procedure extends the time period during which telephonic hearings satisfy the public approval requirement from December 31, 2020, until September 30, 2021.

IRS, Treasury Release Average Income Proposed Rule

The Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service posted a proposed rule on the Average Income minimum set-aside election. The proposed rule would require properties electing the average income minimum set-aside to designate the imputed income limit of each low-income unit no later than the close of the first taxable year of the LIHTC period. To avoid noncompliance and recapture, owners would only be allowed to take mitigating steps with 60 days of year-end.

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IRS Guidance on BEAT

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued final regulations providing additional guidance on the base erosion and anti-abuse tax (BEAT). The final regulations provide detailed guidance regarding how to compute certain BEAT calculations for groups of related taxpayers.

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IRS Extends Deadline for Historic Substantial Rehabilitation Test

IRS recently published Notice 2020-58 which extends the measuring period used in satisfying the substantial rehabilitation (sub rehab) test requirement for historic tax credits. Projects with a 24- or 60-month measuring period ending on or after April 1, 2020, and before March 31, 2021, now have until March 31, 2021 to incur sufficient qualified rehabilitation expenditures to satisfy the sub rehab test.

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