NH&RA News

NH&RA Hosts ICAST IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator

ICAST’s IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator is now available on NH&RA’s website under the Resources section.

USDA Rural Development

Flexibility Increased for Rural Multifamily Owners to Use Surplus Cash

A new regulation allows owners of properties with financing from USDA’s Section 515 and 514/516 rental programs to apply cash to approved soft debt.

USDA Rural Development

USDA Formalizes 30-Day Written Eviction Notices

A new Rural Housing Service rule requires owners of Section 515 and 514/516 rental properties to give tenants written notification at least 30 days before terminating a lease or taking eviction actions.

Presidential Seal

Biden-Harris Administration Releases FY 2025 Budget Request; Housing Featured in State of the Union

Earlier this week, the Biden-Harris administration released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 budget request, which serves as a marker for policy priorities, especially during a presidential election year.

USDA Rural Development

USDA Publishes Proposed Rule Updating Insurance Requirements for Multifamily Housing Programs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Housing Service (RHS) Office of Multifamily Housing announced a proposed rule that would update the insurance coverage and deductible requirements that have been in place since 2004 for its multifamily direct loan and grant programs.