Issue Theme: Historic Rehabilitation

  • 2008 Timmy Awards Finalists Showcase Outstanding Historic
    Tax Credit Projects
  • LIHTC Market Nervous After Financial Events; Some Equity
    Players Are Still Active
  • Corporate Tax Credit Fund Watch (chart)
  • Financing of Mixed-Income Multifamily Residential
  • Project Case Study: Housing Credit, Loans Fund Project for
    Retired Farm Workers
  • Opportunities Should Grow for Senior Tax Credit Housing
  • IRS, States Continue Implementing Housing Act LIHTC, Bond
  • The Impact of the Housing Assistance Tax Act on Management
    of Tax Credit Properties
  • Common Confusion Relating to LIHTC Compliance Issues (Part
  • New Orleans
    Rebuilds with Help
    of New Markets Tax Credits, Five CDEs
  • HUD Issues New List of Difficult Development Areas
  • House Approves Bill to Revise Section 811 Program
  • IRS Issues Proposed Rule on Targeted Populations
  • Arizona
    Solicits Applications
  • NY Governor Signs Bill

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