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An administration focused on energy and affordable housing.
A revitalized Department of Housing and Urban Development.
New sources of equity and gap financing. Banks being pushed
to resume lending. Weatherization and retrofitting incentives.
Energy tax credits that need to be utilized.

Has there ever been a more interesting and challenging time
for developers?

Don’t be left out on the street as the housing industry morphs
into something new. Join the most knowledgeable and
sophisticated collection of developers in America as they
gather to explore how to succeed in a changing marketplace.

Attend the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association’s
Spring Developers Forum in Los Angeles on May 11 -12.

Be there for the first west coast symposium of our new Council for Energy Friendly Affordable Housing as they discuss how to
make this important and right idea, a greener industry, practical
and affordable.

Learn how to utilize the exchange credits and funding made
available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Hear up-to-the-minute news from state tax credit allocators.

Network with the best informed developers on tax-exempt
bond financing, evolving FHA programs, the latest developments
at HUD.

Click here to download our conference brochure

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