National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts recently convened its Spring Public Policy & Market Study Forum April 6-7 in Washington DC.  This featured sessions explored the root causes of troubled properties and common sense solutions to help get them back on their feet.  Featured panelists included:

  • John Brandenburg, Enterprise Community Investments

  • Doug Koch, Ernst & Young, LLP

  • Fred Mitchell, TheoPro Compliance

  • Stephen Roger, Centerline Capital

The panelists explored critical factors that negatively impact properties including property management concerns, correctly identifying market factors, lease-up issues and more…It also explored the tools and strategies available to owners and limited partners to work out troubled properties including new provisions from the Housing & Economic Recovery Act. In the following clips Stephen Roger of Centerline Capital explores how to address property management issues improve a property marketability and economic success.

Exceprt Part 1 of 3

Exceprt Part 2 of 3

Exceprt Part 3 of 3

Want to learn more?  You can preview excerpts from session on our You Tube Channel online at: Please note the complete video is also available for purchase. Click here for details.