Thanks to everyone that made the 2009 Summer Institute a great success! We were blown away by all of the compliments about the quality of the program and networking. I especially want to thank all the great speakers! Its not every day that so many industry leaders and innovators can come together to share ideas and innovations. In such a tough business environment it was inspirational to see how our members are creating new opportunities to close transactions. If you didn’t make out to Vermont here are a few things that you missed…

  • The state of the equity market including who is buying tax credits, how terms are evolving and where the market is heading
  • A great run through on the multifamily rental markets across the country and how the current economy is effecting rental markets in the short, medium and long-term
  • Strategies being implemented by developers to bring new and non-traditional investors into their deals
  • Strategies to bring in non-traditional and “˜outside the box’ debt and equity into New Markets Tax Credits including self-leveraging, ARRA Funds, Federal Home Loan Bank Funds
  • The in’s and out’s and latest updates on tax credit exchange and TCAP from practitioners and Allocators
  • The latest word on legislative and regulatory developments including the proposed extension of exchange program, five-year carryback of tax credits, legislation impacting preservation of affordable housing, energy retrofits, historic rehabilitation and more”¦
  • Sound advice to help save troubled transactions and work-out distressed deals.
  • Identifying and utilizing state and federal funding to retrofit affordable housing and historic properties
  • Recommendations on how to implement the new Choice Neighborhood Initiatives
  • “¦and much more

As timely and important as the formal program was, the side conversations and networking opportunities presented were on another level. Thanks again to everyone who participated. If you are concerned about any of these issues we urge you to join us this Fall and Winter for our upcoming events. We will be making select video and audio recordings available for purchase next week. Questions? Contact Thom Amdur at 202-939-1753 or