The US Green Building Council has published a new report titled “Top 10 Ways to Use Recovery Funds for Green Building.”  Report highlights include:

  1. Invest in Healthy Schools and Reinvest in our Children and our Future
  2. Build or Expand Residential Energy Retrofit Programs
  3. Make Affordable Housing more Efficient and Affordable
  4. Demonstrate Leadership by Example — Greening Public Sector Buildings
  5. Maximize Efficiency in the Business Community
  6. Build Capacity through Education and Training
  7. Leverage and Extend Recovery Dollars with a Revolving Loan Fund
  8. Get Buildings on the Right Track — Retro-Commission your Buildings
  9. Make Informed Energy Resource Management Decisions through Metering
  10. Greening Piece-by-Piece — Laying the Groundwork for Future Holistic Measures

NH&RA’s Council For Energy Friendly Affordable Housing (CEFAH) is currently working with USGBC and other organizations to compile a comprehensive analysis of existing program that can be improved to encourage and/or finance energy retrofits.  Click here to learn more about CEFAH or contact Thom Amdur at 202-939-1753 or [email protected].

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