MCAAA and CLEAResult are happy to announce that applications are now being accepted for the Michigan Multi-Family Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). The weatherization program is federally funded by the Department of Energy through the Michigan Department of Human Services.

The program is an income qualified energy conservation program that provides free energy conservation services to qualified Michigan families residing in multi-family properties. The intent of the Michigan Multi-Family Weatherization Assistance Program is to serve income eligible residents in multi-family buildings with the greatest weatherization need while meeting priority and program goals.

Eligibility for the program is based on the household income being at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or 60% of the State Median Income whichever is higher. A minimum of 66% of a building’s residents must meet income eligibility guidelines in order for the building to be considered for services. Program requirements and automatic income eligibility for residents can be found on the Building Application.

The first step in applying for weatherization services through the Michigan Multi-Family Weatherization Assistance Program is to fill out a Building Application. The application can be found at in the Michigan Multi-Family WAP section. After you have completed and signed the application, return it to the address listed on the application. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that it meets all program qualifications. If a building meets all qualifications and the application has been completed properly, the building will be placed on the list for consideration.

Note that several factors are taken into consideration when qualifying a building for services. Properties that are identified on the HUD Qualified Assisted Housing List do not automatically qualify, but if selected do have a more streamlined approach to resident intake.

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