Washington, DC Mayor Vincent Gray recently released his proposed city budget for fiscal year 2012.  The proposed budget represents a $7 million increase in total affordable housing funding from the approved FY-2011 budget; however, the increase is largely to replace expiring funds that are being used to support the Permanent Supportive Housing Program.  Two of the most significant changes in the proposed budget are a substantial cut from DC’s Housing Production Trust Fund and a phase-out of a portion of the Local Rent Supplement Program.  A table displaying the distribution of DC’s proposed FY-2012 affordable housing funds is provided below, compared to the FY-2011 levels.


FY-2011 Approved

FY-2012 Proposed

Department of Housing and Community Development

$19 million

$20 million

Housing Production Trust Fund

$15 million

$14 million

DC Housing Authority

$23 million

$22 million

Permanent Supportive Housing Program

$14 million

$22 million


$77 million

$84 million

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