I am pleased to let you know about some important changes to Housingonline.com. NH&RA has implemented a dynamic new communications and database platform which is now integrated with our website www.housingonline.com. This new system provides our members and friends with exciting new tools to better manage your membership, benefits and communications preferences. It utilizes “self-service administration” technology that will allow you to update your personal information, contact preferences, professional interests, purchase products, register for events, fill out surveys, view and pay outstanding invoices and much more…

Below are some very important instructions that will allow you to make the most of your membership in NH&RA. As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact NH&RA at 202-939-1750 or info@housingonline.com.

How To Update Your Profile

You will need to access and update your online member profile in order to take advantage of your member benefits or to initiate a transaction. As part of this transition, we have created a new Login-ID and temporary password for you to access your new profile. We would like to encourage you to log in at your earliest possible convenience and reset your password. To do so simply visit our website http://www.housingonline.com and select the login link at the top right corner of the webpage and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link. Please be sure to enter your full name (as it would appear on your record) along with your work email address to the form, which will generate an email with your Login-ID and temporary password.

Upon logging in for the first time please take the following steps:

Reset Your Password and Update Your Profile

Step 1. Select the “Maintain Personal Information” link.
Step 2. Select the “My Password” link.
Step 3. Select the “Change It” link and follow the instructions. If at any point you forget your password you can visit the login page on housingonline.com and select and select the “Login Problems” link to reset your password.
Step 4. While you are logged in we would like to encourage to take a few minutes to update your profile and review your communications preferences. This will allow NH&RA to better customize our communications with you.
Step 5. Have you joined a new company? Moved offices? Expanded your practice? Be sure to check in every once and while to update your profile as your business changes.

We’re Here to Help You

NH&RA is a membership organization and our staff is here to serve you, our members. If you have any questions, or require any assistance regarding your membership, please feel free to contact NH&RA at 202-939-1750 or info@housingonline.com.