A new report released by the National Trust for Historic Preservation has found a very low rate of recapture of federal historic rehabilitation tax credits claimed over the past 10 years in historic rehab transactions. The National Trust commissioned the study, which was produced by Novogradac & Company LLP. The study, Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Recapture Survey, sought to determine the frequency and amount of recapture that investors have experienced with the HTC, through a survey of a group of historic tax credit investors that have made significant investments. Collectively, the survey’s respondents have invested in more than 50 percent of the HTCs claimed during the past 10 years. The survey respondents reported experiencing a historic tax credit recapture rate of less than three-quarters of one percent over the past 10 years. The survey results are further supported by an analysis of the information obtained from the Internal Revenue Service, which reflects an annual historic tax credit recapture rate of 0.07 percent for 2008.

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