Enterprise Community Partners has announced the release of a research report entitled “Incremental Cost, Measurable Savings Update: Enterprise Green Communities Criteria” which examines 52 affordable housing developments that were built using either the 2005 or 2008 versions of the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria (EGCC). The EGCC provides a guideline to affordable housing developers to create greener buildings, which use less energy and water, have a smaller or positive impact on the environment, and offer health benefits and a better quality of life to their residents. The average project analyzed in Enterprise’s study achieved a lifetime utility cost savings of $3,709 per dwelling unit, while the incremental cost per dwelling unit for the average project to comply with the EGCC was $3,546. The report finds that the lifetime savings, a conservative assessment of the economic life of building elements, exceeded the cost of integrating the EGCC into affordable housing.

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