The Governing Board of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has approved drafts of the 2013 Uniform Multifamily Rule, Qualified Allocation Plan, and Multifamily Housing Revenue Bond Rule. These documents are now part of TDHCA’s Multifamily Program Rules in its effort to streamline all multifamily activity. The drafts include substantial changes suggested by the Board and from public comments.  The Multifamily Division intends to post an Update on its website in the coming days with a summary of the changes. The approved drafts of the rules are currently available online.

TDHCA intends to publish the official version of the rules in the September 21 edition of the Texas Register for the purposes of public comment. Those currently found on the website are not considered official and should not be the basis of public comment.

If you have comments or questions, please contact Jean Latsha at 512-475-1676 or by email at [email protected].