The National Park Service (NPS) recently released a Notice in the Federal Register announcing that the agency is revising the fees it charges for reviewing Historic Preservation Certification Applications, which have not changed since 1984 and currently do not cover the costs for administering the program. The revised application review fees are based on applicants’ estimated qualified rehabilitation expenditures (QREs). An applicant will be required to pay half of the fee with its Part 2 review and the remainder of its fee with the Part 3 review; the total fee will be based on the actual QREs reported to the NPS. The new fee schedule only applies to new applications received by State Historic Preservation Offices after the effective date of this fee schedule. Applicants should only pay the fees to the NPS upon request and the fees apply only to new applications. The fees do not apply to applications submitted before the Dec. 30, 2012 effective date.

Click here to read the Federal Register Notice.
Click here to read guidance from NPS about the updated fee schedule.