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The California Tax Credit Allocation Committee will host 13 LIHTC compliance monitoring workshops across the state in 2013.   Five workshops will be focused on Advance Compliance issues, five workshops focused on Basic Compliance issues, and 3 Intensive Workshops that combine elements from both the Basic and Advanced workshops.

  • Advanced Workshops: March 4 (Sacramento), March 8 (Fremont), March 20 (Orange County), March 21 (Los Angeles) and March 22 (Riverside County)
  • Basic Workshops: April 5 (Sacramento), April 8 (Fremont), April 16 (Orange County), April 17 (Los Angeles) and April 18 (Riverside)
  • Intensive Workshops: March 15 (San Diego), April 11 (Fresno) and April 25 (Redding)

If you have any questions, please call Toby Threlfall at (916) 654-6340. Click here to read more…