HUD recently released Notice H 2013-07 to provide supplemental guidance to previously issued Mortgagee Letter (ML) 2010-21 and Notice H 2010-11 to clarify processing procedures and to describe how lenders can obtain prior approval for mortgage insurance commitments. HUD clarifies that lenders are now able to obtain FHA’s prior approval consideration for additional mortgage insurance commitments when the principals will have total insurance in place, including the proposed additional commitments, equal to or in excess of $250,000,000. In addition, other principals with 25 or more commercial real estate assets, but with insured loan balances that total less than $250,000,000, have the option to obtain HUD credit review prior to submitting project applications. Notice 2013-07 applies to all applications for FHA multifamily insurance programs, except for refinancing pursuant to Section 223(a)(7) of the National Housing Act and programs administered by the Office of Healthcare. Lenders must, however, provide all FHA insured loans including Healthcare loans, in the total when determining whether a principal meets the threshold of total insured loans equal to $250,000,000 or more.

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