Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) has been working on a new initiative known as KHC 20/20. KHC 20/20 is the strategic plan and remodeling of KHC leadership with overall goals of creating a more streamlined, efficient program and generating new housing products to strengthen the network of partnerships.

With the new initiative, the following individuals have been named deputy executive directors:

  • Lisa Beran: Deputy Executive Director – Legal Services and Compliance
  • Rob Ellis: Deputy Executive Director – Housing Production and Programs
  • Jim Statler: Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Executive Director Finance and Investments
  • Amy Smith: Deputy Executive Director -Business Services

Additionally, KHC’s chief executive officer, Richard L. McQuady, announced his retirement effective Friday, November 30, 2013 and KHC’s chief operating officer, Mark Offerman, announced his retirement also effective Friday, November 30, 2013. As KHC Board of Directors consider replacements for a replacement CEO, Lisa Beran has been name Interim CEO.