HUD’s Office of Affordable Housing Preservation (OAHP) recently announced the launch of an updated version of its Section 236 consolidated e-Application tool at, as a part of its goal to move towards centralized processing of Section 236 prepayments and preservation transactions.

The e-Application is a quick and holistic picture of the request and it allows HUD to expedite review and approval.  It combines the functionality of the pre-application questionnaire and the previous e-Application.  This version provides a simplified list of initial questions that leads to specific transaction requests.  Additionally, this version is less prescriptive regarding the necessary Exhibits for each transaction type.

A consolidated application must be submitted to OAHP for all Section 236 prepayment requests in addition to the lender’s HUD 9807 form.  The 9807 form alone does not provide HUD with enough information to complete the processing of the prepayment.  For expedited processing, we are encouraging all applicants to visit the web portal and submit their application.  The prepayment request, or request for prepayment and other approval (such as IRP Decoupling, Tenant Protection Vouchers, rent increases related to a state agency 236 prepayment or flexible subsidy deferral), WILL NOT be assigned to an OAHP reviewer until the e-Application has been submitted.  The web portal has also been updated to provide more interaction between HUD and the applicants.  This added feature will provide a more transparent review and approval process for the applicant.

Note:  Owners who have already submitted requests using the prior version of the tool are not required to re-submit.  Their requests are grandfathered into the process.

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