Florida Releases RFA 2016-109 SAIL Financing (Applications due 10/13/2016)

Please note that a newly modified Application form has been posted to FHFC’s site.


September 21, 2016 — Florida Housing, after receiving public comment, has made several changes to RFA 2016-109 SAIL Financing of Affordable Multifamily Housing Developments to be used in conjunction with Tax-Exempt Bonds and Non-Competitive Housing Credits. The RFA was released September 19, 2016 and the deadline for applications is October 13, 2016. Changes include:

• National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) Funding will not be part of RFA 2016-109.

• The requirement that Developments with the Development Category of New Construction or Redevelopment (with or without Acquisition) must be 100 percent new construction has been removed. All Developments may consist of 100% new construction, 100% rehabilitation, or a combination of both new construction and rehabilitation.

• The requirement that all Developments with the Development Category of New Construction or Redevelopment (with or without acquisition) have at least three (3) one-bedroom units has been removed. Additional Unit Mix requirements for Elderly Developments have not changed.

• The Transit Service Distance Scoring Charts and the Community Services Scoring Charts used for awarding proximity points have been revised to give greater flexibility to Small County applications. This mirrors the charts used in the Geographic RFAs for Competitive Housing Credits and other RFAs.

• Leveraging Level calculation:

Florida Housing appreciates the stakeholder feedback related to its proposed method of addressing leveraging for SAIL funds in RFA 2016-109 and, taking into account comments received, has further revised the Leveraging Level calculation. The “9-14-16 Revisions to Leveraging Level Calculations” are available for viewing under the heading Drafts onhttp://www.floridahousing.org/Developers/MultiFamilyPrograms/Competitive/2016-109/