The Minneapolis City Council voted 12-1 to endorse Minneapolis 2040 – The City’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan has 14 goals: eliminate disparities; more residents and jobs; affordable and accessible housing; living-wage jobs; healthy, safe, and connected people; high-quality physical environment; history and culture; creative, cultural, and natural amenities; complete neighborhoods; climate change resilience; clean environment; healthy, sustainable, and diverse economy; proactive, accessible, and sustainable government; and equitable civic participation system. There are 22 policy recommendations each with action steps that are specific to housing:

  1. access to housing
  2. affordable housing production and preservation
  3. innovative housing types
  4. innovative housing strategies and data-driven decisions
  5. mixed income housing
  6. affordable housing near transit and job centers
  7. development near metro stations
  8. fair housing
  9. homelessness
  10. tenant protections
  11. expand homeownership
  12. housing displacement
  13. comprehensive investments
  14. coordinated development strategy
  15. leverage housing programs to benefit community
  16. healthy housing
  17. housing quality
  18. cultural districts
  19. freeway remediation
  20. northside
  21. innovation districts
  22. university district