Furman Center Report Concludes NYCHA’s Woes Cannot Be Solved Solely Through Better Management

A new brief from the Furman Center, NYCHA’s Road Ahead: Capital and Operating Budget Needs, Shortfalls, and Plans, reviews how the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) plans to address its massive public housing repair needs in the coming years and identified a number of serious potential challenges. “In a 2017 Physical Needs Assessment (PNA), NYCHA’s engineering consultants estimated the cost of repairing and replacing necessary building systems over five years to be $31.8 billion ($180,700 per unit), and $45.2 billion ($255,700 per unit) over 20 years…while management is often blamed for NYCHA’s state of disrepair, capital needs of this magnitude cannot arise from management deficiencies alone, nor can they be solved solely by better management practices.”