Florida Housing issued a modification to the 2022 Construction Housing Inflation Response Program (CHIRP) Invitation to Participate (ITP). The modified Exhibit A includes the demographic commitment of Persons with Special Needs. To select this demographic commitment, the modified Exhibit A must be submitted. For all other submissions, Florida Housing will accept the modified Exhibit A or the Exhibit A. Both the redline and clean version of the modified CHIRP ITP can be found on the website. Responses to the ITP must be received by the Corporation prior to 3 p.m. ET on July 5.  

Florida Housing also posted the Pipeline Development for CHIRP as of May 20 and revised the Sizing Template to correctly reflect the default Deferred Developer Fee for Sizing at 30 percent. The form previously posted incorrectly stated 35 percent. The correction was made on the “Addtl Loans” tab, in cell A23.