A Florida Housing Finance Corporation Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for August 5. To be included on the Board Meeting Agenda, the following deadlines must be met: 

  • Waiver and Extension Requests, or other items requiring Board approval: Submit all waiver requests, extension requests or any item requiring Board approval with supporting documentation to Corporation staff for staff review no later than the close of business on July 5;  
  • Petitions for waivers and variances: In addition to the above staff review time frame, all petitions for waiver or variances must be filed with the Corporation Clerk at CorporationClerk@floridahousing.org no later than 10 a.m. ET on July 20 in order to meet the requirements for publication in the Florida Administrative Register. As a reminder, a submission is not a guarantee that petitions for variance or waiver will be placed on the next scheduled board meeting. Pursuant to Section 120.542(8), F.S., a petition shall be granted or denied within 90 days after filing the petition. 
  • Presentation of a Credit Underwriting Report for Board approval: In order to have a Credit Underwriting Report presented for approval by the Board at this board meeting, a draft of the credit underwriting report must be submitted to Corporation staff no later than July 5 with final reports due by noon ET on July 28.