Florida Housing wants to remind you of the procedures and tools available for owners and residents impacted by severe weather and flooding. This information will allow post-recovery efforts to go smoothly if your residents and/or your development(s) are impacted by the storm.  

Florida Housing requests a general assessment of damage resulting from Hurricane Program via its Damage Survey Form. Enter the applicable information, and submit the completed report as soon as practical (ideally within five business days) to HDR@floridahousing.org.  

Please report the quantity of buildings damaged and the quantity of units affected as well as the number households displaced by the damage.    

Specific detail regarding damages is not being sought at this time, but we ask that you review the damage descriptions that follow and use them to provide a general assessment of damage from Hurricane Ian by selecting the estimated damage level (for the development overall) from the dropdown list: 

  • NONE – No damage as a result of Hurricane Ian; 
  • LIMITED: Generally superficial damage to solid structures (e.g., loss of tiles or roof shingles); some mobile homes and light structures are damaged or displaced; 
  • MODERATE: Solid structures sustain exterior damage (e.g., missing roofs or roof segments); some mobile homes and light structures are destroyed, many are damaged or displaced; 
  • EXTENSIVE: Some solid structures are destroyed; most sustain exterior and interior damage (e.g., roofs missing, interior walls exposed), most mobile homes and light structures are destroyed; or 
  • CATASTROPHIC: Most solid and all light or mobile structures destroyed. 

In addition to the severity of the impact, Indicate the nature of the damage by placing an “X” in the applicable column: 

  • Damage due to Rising Water (flood); 
  • Damage to Roof/Soffit; 
  • Damage to Windows; 
  • Damage to Accessory Buildings and Amenities; or 
  • Damage to Landscape, trees, etc. 

Florida Housing also requests that you provide information on available units to assist with post-recovery efforts to house displaced families. Available units can be listed on FloridaHousingSearch.org.  This online listing service offers unlimited free listings, and if you aren’t already listing on FloridaHousingSearch.org, it takes only a few minutes to sign up. Log on at FloridaHousingSearch.org or call 1-877-428-8844 (toll free) for live assistance (M – F, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET). If you’re already using FloridaHousingSearch.org, take a moment to log in and update your listings. Remember to add photos and as much information about amenities and accessibility features as possible.