Today, the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) unanimously passed the amendment that would set the response window for the first and only application notice to seven calendar days. TDC relayed concerns that applications could be removed from further consideration if deficiencies remained in the application after receipt of an applicant’s response. The short timeframe, no required response from THDA, and little explanation of how to cure the application mean applications could be removed over an administrative matter.  

At the board meeting, Eric Alexander (director of multifamily program) discussed that this amendment is geared towards incentivizing the application process and to speed up the ability to respond to applications from THDA staff.  In addition, the process will not change anything for the active rounds and is only applicable for 2023 round two applications.  THDA plans to hold developer workshops for applications to bring applicants up to speed for what’s expected in the application process. TDC will continue to monitor updates to this change and provide our members with best practices in submitting applications.