Florida Housing posted a new draft of the Development Proximity List. This draft differs from the draft posted on February 20, 2024 in the following ways: 

  • Blue shading has been added to Southward Village CNI Phase 2 in Lee County 
  • Ninth Street Apartments in Manatee County has been added to the List and is also shaded blue. 
  • A note at the top of the page has been added, which states the following: Shading represents Developments that may be affected by pending litigation.  If any of this litigation is resolved, and Final Orders issued prior to the Application Deadline result in a Development on the List to be unfunded, that Development will be treated as if it was never included on the list. 

The List is expected to be finalized at the conclusion of the litigation for RFA 2023-213 SAIL Funding for Live Local Mixed-Income, Mixed-Use and Urban Infill Developments. No other Developments are expected to be added to the 2024 FHFC Development Proximity list.