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Blueprint for April: Hooray for RAD!

For those of us, no matter our leanings, who are frustrated by the lack of functionality of government, whose taxes have shot up significantly as a result of tax reform, whose personal or business healthcare costs continue to rise, this is an issue about a federal program that, by all appearances, is working.

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Blueprint for November, Hot Button Issues

What is the future of affordable housing in America going to look like? Are we as a society going to have the will and as an industry going to have the means to significantly increase volume and accommodate everyone from the lowest incomes to the middle-income workforce?

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Marty Bell: Blueprint for October, Community

The word that stands out throughout this issue is community. We didn’t plan it that way. But in stories devoted to a wide range of subjects, including multi-credit deals, Opportunity Zones, state funding for housing and even NH&RA’s 2018 Vision Award honorees, the concept of community demanded attention.

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