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Federal Budget Process

From dramatic increases in the volume of Low Income Housing Tax Credits to gains in the Housing Trust Fund, the Biden administration’s 2023 federal budget proposal includes some massive gains for affordable housing, but the fate of these increases is unclear and may not be determined until after a new Congress is seated in 2023.

Affordable Across America: Northeast

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: South

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Midwest

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Northwest

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Affordable Across America: West Coast

Affordable Across America

Breaking Ground: Caleb Roope, CEO and President of The Pacific Companies

For nearly 20 years, Caleb Roope, CEO and president of The Pacific Companies has used volumetric modular offsite construction for a portion of his company’s development projects.

Historic Tax Credit: 40 Years of Historic Preservation and Community Revitalization

For 40 years, the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) has allowed developers to preserve some of the most beautiful, iconic, historic buildings in the nation, while revitalizing small towns and cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

Developer Outlook

It’s 2022 and the COVID-19 pandemic looks likely to roll into a third year, bringing with it more uncertainty, but leaders in the affordable housing space say the new year still looks promising since the industry has already pivoted sharply due to the pandemic and will continue to do so.

States Look to Convert Hotels, Motels and Commercial Properties for Shelter and Permanent Low-Income Housing

As the housing crisis deepens and the pandemic continues to affect the hospitality industry and commercial properties, an increasing number of states are seeking to convert hotels, motels and other commercial properties into housing for low-income residents and those experiencing homelessness.

The Investment Landscape

Dramatic changes in the investing landscape over the past year have pushed affordable housing investors to reevaluate funding strategies and keep a close eye on numerous upcoming changes.

The Pandemic Marathon

COVID-19 pushed affordable housing managers across the nation to expand resident services, change up service delivery methods and develop new partnerships – all changes that leaders in the space say are likely to stick around.

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