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NH&RA Hosts ICAST IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator

ICAST’s IRA & BIL Instant Benefit Estimate Calculator is now available on NH&RA’s website under the Resources section.

A Framework for Detailing How Local Policies Impact Housing Affordability 

Developers and affordable housing advocates looking to provide detailed presentations or facilitate discussions on how local governmental policies impact housing affordability need look no further than the National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) Housing Affordability Toolkit.

The New Markets Tax Credit Progress Report 2023

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC), approved by Congress in 2000, is a critical element of financing for community projects and businesses in distressed communities.

Virtual Training

Looking to instruct an employee on the correct way to plunge a toilet or use a ladder?

Modular Affordable Housing Projects

Modular affordable housing projects—with their quick construction timelines and cost savings compared with traditional stick-build projects—are gaining in popularity, but the projects present unique challenges in terms of financing, development expertise and site selection.

Choice Neighborhoods Grants

Launched in 2010, the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Choice Neighborhoods program has been transforming communities across the nation through Planning and Implementation Grants that breathe new life into distressed affordable housing projects and surrounding neighborhoods.

Standardized Design

Decades ago, people often equated standardized design in affordable housing with cookie-cutter, identical buildings and individual units with the same layouts and color schemes.

Income Averaging

Income averaging allows affordable housing developers to expand the range of people on the income strata who are eligible to live in affordable communities, while also helping projects pencil out.

Managing the Pipeline

Juggling multiple projects in the pipeline in various stages of development can feel like lining up squares on a Rubik’s Cube to employees of development and construction firms.

Affordable Housing Leads the Way 

This year, a spate of affordable housing communities throughout the nation are expected to be awarded joint certification for rehabilitating or constructing healthier, more environmentally friendly buildings.

A Critical Need for Resident Services

Building Community While Addressing Stability

The Rundown on Tax-Exempt Bonds

A Critical Component of Affordable Multifamily Housing Projects

Housing Projects’ Entitlement

A lack of affordable housing has reached crisis levels throughout huge swaths of the nation.

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