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Housing USA: Affordable Housing Beyond America

Over these years, I’ve highlighted affordable housing problems in U.S. cities, and how developers can help solve them using Low Income Housing Tax Credits, low-cost building methods and more.

Housing USA

Late in 2021, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), using different than normal data, changed the way it determined Fair Market Rents (FMRs).

Housing USA: Higher Interest Rates and Affordable Housing – A Perilous Mix? 

Increasing interest rates impact virtually all investments since they present higher borrowing costs, falling prices for existing bonds and possibly lower earnings for publicly traded companies.

Housing USA: Can the Affordable Housing Industry Attract and Retain Talent? 

In order to build more affordable housing units, it’s crucial for firms in the industry to attract the next generation of developers, architects, project managers and other real estate professionals.

Housing USA: Prefab Construction

Developers who build market-rate housing are increasingly turning to prefabricated construction techniques, because they represent, in multiple ways, a path to efficiency.

Housing USA: The Seven Key Federal Agencies for Home Affordability

This month, Tax Credit Advisor is doing a special “leadership” issue, profiling people and agencies who spearhead the affordable housing industry.

Housing USA: Bracing for Gas Price Hikes

Fuel prices are increasing, with the per-gallon cost of gasoline up 47 percent year over year and the cost of diesel up 63 percent over that same period.

Housing USA: When LIHTC is an Opportunity for ESG

 The growth of “socially responsible” investing means tax credit developers can expect higher scores and more institutional support.

Affordable Across America: Northeast

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: South

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Midwest

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Northwest

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