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The Impact of the Tax Law on Affordable Housing

President Trump enjoyed a major victory this past December on tax reform. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) ensures measures that have long been on the Republican agenda, by slashing corporate tax rates, reducing top personal income tax rates, and offering various deductions to middle-class families. It also reduces some deductions available to homebuyers.

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Housing in the Face of Disaster

Those who follow housing policy already understand that there is a nationwide housing crisis. Various demographics in the U.S., faced with low wages and government regulations that make the commodity more expensive, cannot buy or rent the units they need.

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Housing USA: Chicago

Public housing has long been one of America’s top examples of government failure. From urban renewal, through the construction of high-rise ghettos, to demolition and rebuilding, the story has been about optimism and good intentions, followed by mismanagement and delay.

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Country Credits

The public perception of New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) is that they are a federal program meant to revitalize urban areas. The credits have been used by community development entities to obtain financing that restores the vacant storefronts and aging business infrastructure of America’s inner cities. But more recently, NMTCs have actually been repurposed to favor non-metro America, defined as the counties that don’t have a core urban area of over 50,000, and are considered by the federal government to be “rural.”

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Housing USA: Denver

Denver, CO—Denver is not an old city, even by American standards. So compared, say, to Boston or Philadelphia, it doesn’t have an extensive footprint of historic buildings.

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