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Housing USA: Seattle

Seattle, WA—The rise of micro apartments in urban America’s strongest real estate markets is often branded as a hot new trend. But really, it is a reenactment of the way U.S. cities have long worked.

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Combatting High Rents

High housing costs are an urban American problem, and there is boundless debate on how to address it. Should developers be allowed to build unfettered, or be restricted on the prices they charge and number of units they erect? Should individual buyers compete in open markets, or get government subsidies? Should public officials be Yimby or Nimby?

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Housing USA: Portland

If U.S. Senators weigh in on America’s housing crisis, they need to understand the complexity of the issues. Of course we need more affordable housing almost everywhere, but the problems go beyond that.

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Fewer Immigrants, Higher Prices

Walk by any construction site in a major U.S. city, and you’ll hear one of the great instruments in the symphony that is modern urban American life. It seems that no matter the day or the hour—it could be 6am on a Sunday—these unfinished structures will emanate with the cacophony of boots stomping, saws cutting and nail guns popping.

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YIMBY Nation

America’s burgeoning pro-housing movement has many layers, and I recently witnessed one of them firsthand on a rare rainy night in Los Angeles.

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Housing USA: Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA—Los Angeles is, by some metrics, America’s homeless capital. It has a county-wide nightly unsheltered population of roughly 82,000, including 13,000 who are chronically homeless.

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