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Housing USA: When LIHTC is an Opportunity for ESG

 The growth of “socially responsible” investing means tax credit developers can expect higher scores and more institutional support.

Affordable Across America: Northeast

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: South

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Midwest

Affordable Across America

Affordable Across America: Northwest

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Affordable Across America: West Coast

Affordable Across America

Housing USA: America’s Affordability Landscape

For National Housing & Rehabilitation Association’s 50th anniversary, we wanted to do a breakdown of the affordable housing situation in different parts of America, and how it has changed throughout the years. 

Material Price Gap Funding

The housing development sector nationwide continues to struggle with supply chain disruptions and building material price increases.

Housing USA: Transit-Oriented Development and Affordable At the Same Time?

For several decades, U.S. cities have been building extensive light rail and bus rapid transit networks. In recent years, such expansions have included intentional plans to promote development around lines, implementing a strategy known as transit-oriented development (TOD).

Technology: Pronto Poses PropTech Solution For LIHTC

The use of technology in real estate has become so common as to have a moniker: PropTech. Short for “property technology,” it describes how everything from cloud storage to artificial intelligence to smart infrastructure can streamline development, construction, management and the realty of homes.

Housing USA: A Housing Price Boom Comes to the Boring Metros

It’s been a common story in America, particularly since the pandemic: home prices keep rising.

Housing USA: Co-Living – An Untapped Avenue for LIHTC?

In recent years, the concept of “co-living”—wherein some or all parts of a unit and its common areas are shared by multiple renters—has garnered attention from developers.

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