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“Ellis Island of Healthcare”

There has long been an eyesore on the Near West Side of Chicago: the Old Cook County hospital building. The majestic facility, once known for serving Chicago’s downtrodden population, has been closed since 2002, creating blight in the area.

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SF-RAD Revisited

In 2015, San Francisco approved the largest privatization of public housing in U.S. history. The city decided to convert all of its government-run complexes into ones that would be repaired and managed by private and nonprofit developers.

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Urban Odyssey

America is a big place – I would know. For the past three years, I’ve seen about as much of it as anyone could. As Tax Credit Advisor readers are likely aware of by now, I just completed a three-year cross-country journalism tour, living for a month each in 30 cities.

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Housing USA: Boston

If you’re a renter who’s managed to secure a spot in The Beverly, you’re living the life right now. The 14-story project sits right near the Lovejoy Wharf in Boston’s fashionable North End.

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