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Housing USA, Memphis

Overall, Memphis is pretty old-school. As a city filled with rural migrants and defined by decades of slow growth, it maintains a dated and Southern feel.

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Housing USA, St. Louis

Missouri has been a robust state for tax credit construction, and the state-level Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) has been its largest such tax credit program.

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Affordable New York

New York City can be as rough, cost-wise, on developers as it is on average joes. For years, the city’s builders have complained that a mix of high property taxes, land values and regulatory costs makes it impossible to build workforce apartments.

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The Impact of the Tax Law on Affordable Housing

President Trump enjoyed a major victory this past December on tax reform. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) ensures measures that have long been on the Republican agenda, by slashing corporate tax rates, reducing top personal income tax rates, and offering various deductions to middle-class families. It also reduces some deductions available to homebuyers.

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Housing in the Face of Disaster

Those who follow housing policy already understand that there is a nationwide housing crisis. Various demographics in the U.S., faced with low wages and government regulations that make the commodity more expensive, cannot buy or rent the units they need.

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