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Thursday, May 7
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Welcome & Introductions

This session will provide a brief overview of the program’s goals, types of properties and transactions that will be addressed throughout the day, additional resources available or created as part of the initiative, and long-term follow-up. 

Thom Amdur
, NH&RA, Washington, DC
Carol Payne, US Department of Housing & Urban Development, Baltimore Field Office Director, Baltimore, MD
Chickie Grayson, Enterprise Homes & Board President of the Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition, Baltimore, MD


Putting it All in Context: Successful Case Examples

This session is designed to illustrate the world of possibilities when it comes to retrofitting existing affordable housing.  Owners and developers will share real examples of properties that have undergone limited, moderate, and major energy retrofits as well as a retro-commissioning of an existing property.  The regionally-focused session is designed to show the real and achievable results one can expect on a property or across a portfolio by with a range of project budgets.  Results will be measured in terms of scope of work, payback schedules, and operational savings.  The examples will also provide an overview of the range of financing tools that are available and will be explored throughout the rest of the day’s program.


Toby Ast, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Boston, MA
Peter Bell, NH&RA, Washington, DC
Peter Siegel, Landex Companies, Linthicum, MD


Networking Break


Spotlight on Water Management

Water and sewer costs are increasing around the country and, in many markets, the increase is dramatic.  Water management is often the lowest hanging fruit and can provide the biggest return for owners.  This session will explore various technologies and financing mechanism developers can utilize to decrease their water bills.


Beverly Hanlin, National Housing Trust, Washington, DC
Alan Mileti
, National Church Residences, Columbus, MD


Networking Break


Leveraging Local Programs & Resources: Utility Programs & Other Local Partnerships

Programs exist across the country to incentivize affordable housing developers and owners to conduct water and energy retrofits. This session will highlight resources in your area and connect you with the people and information you need to take advantage of them.


Kathy Ebner, Homes for America, Annapolis, MD
Danielle England, Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development, Crownsville, MD
Scott Falvey, Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development, Crownsville, MD
Janice Romanosky, Pando Alliance, Millersville, MD


Networking Lunch


Evaluating Retrofit Financing Options

Now that we have shown the benefits of a retrofit, this panel will explore tools and strategies available to owners. Panelists will provide insight into green financing mechanisms, including various grant and loan programs that are available in the local market. Special emphasis will be placed on how to select the appropriate product, weighing the pros and cons of various executions, terms, cost of capital, and how they overlay with different scopes of work and building and subsidy types.


Scott Kline, National Housing Trust, Washington, DC
Ravi Malhotra
, ICAST, Denver, CO
Evan Williams, Prudential, New York, NY


Assessing Your Portfolio's Needs: Making Data Driven Decisions

This session will show owners and asset managers how they can employ data they already have, like billing and utility allowances, comparable market data, benchmarking and energy assessments to accurately define the scope of work for a retrofit on their properties.  The session will also demystify energy audits and green physical needs assessments.  Key topics include:

  • When it makes sense to commission an audit or physical needs assessment (PNA).
  • How to find the right provider for an audit or PNA.
  • How to apply conclusions from audits and PNAs when defining the scope of work.


Toby Ast, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Boston, MA
Ed Connelly, New Ecology, Boston, MA
Ravi Malhotra, ICAST, Denver, CO
Alan Mileti, National Church Residences, Columbus, MD


Networking Break


Creating Buy-in: Implementing Staff & Resident Engagement Strategies

This session will share strategies that owners and managers can adopt to ensure buildings perform optimally over time to maximize energy savings.  The panel will explore when it makes sense to retro-commission and re-commission a property.  Panelists will also share best practices for training staff and engaging residents to support the success of energy-saving efforts.


Thom Amdur, NH&RA, Washington, DC
Matt Holden, Sparhawk Group, Portland, ME
Tom Osdoba, Enterprise Community Partners, Washington, DC
Jennifer Reed, Eden Housing, Hayward, CA



The Real Story: Lessons Learned and Practical Advice

Does this all sound too good to be true?  We know that the post-rehab reality does not always sync with the pre-rehab projections.  In this final panel discussion of the day, we will explore practical lessons learned “the hard way” on an array of practical issues that will help inform how to define your scope of work, building product, contractor and vendor selection, and much more.


Toby Ast, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Boston, MA
Trisha Miller, HUD, Washington, DC
Alan Mileti, National Church Residences, Columbus, MD
Ravi Malhotra, ICAST, Denver, CO


Networking Reception

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