The Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for March 26. The agenda items and deadlines include the following:

  • Waiver and extension requests: submission of all waiver requests, extension requests or any item requiring board approval with supporting documentation are due no later than the close of business on February 12;
  • Petitions for waivers and variances: all petitions for waivers or variances are due to the Corporation Clerk at no later than noon ET on March 8 for FHFC to include the petition on the agenda for the next scheduled board meeting; and
  • Presentation of a credit underwriting report: to have a Credit Underwriting Report presented to the board, a draft of the credit underwriting report is due to corporation staff no later than February 12, with final reports due by noon ET on March 13.

Stakeholders are encouraged to coordinate with underwriters to ensure that they receive all necessary diligence to meet these deadlines.