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IRS Private Letter Ruling Address Offsite Improvements

A newly released private letter ruling from the Internal Revenue Service says that the costs of infrastructure improvements connected with a low-income housing tax credit project that are paid for by the taxpayer and dedicated to the city are includible in the basis of each low-income building in the project, and are includible in tax credit eligible basis.


Treasury Letter Says GO Zone Credits Not Eligible for Exchange

Novogradac & Company recently issued an alert providing and update on the eligibility of exchanging GO Zone Credits using the Tax Credit Exchange Program.


NH&RA Video Stream: Washington & Policy Update, April 6, 2009

National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts recently convened its Spring Public Policy & Market Study Forum April 6-7 in Washington DC. This year’s innovative program featured a very informative Washington & Public Policy Update. The panelists explored critical topics including the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, congressional legislative priorities, personnel and regulatory changes at HUD and in the Obama Administration and much, much, more…You can now preview the session on our YouTube Channel or our our website


NCAHMA Posts Presentations From 2009 Public Policy & Market Study Forum: Affordable Housing In The ‘Stimulated’ Economy

The National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts has made available the PowerPoint Presentations and handouts presented during the 2009 Public Policy & Market Study Forum: Affordable Housing In The ‘Stimulated’ Economy.


2009 Annual Meeting & NMTC Symposium Conference Presentations

NH&RA has made available individual PowerPoint presentations from the recent 2009 Annual Meeting & NMTC Symposium, March 11-15 in Key Largo, Florida.


TCA October 2008 Issue Theme: Historic Rehabilitation

Tax Credit Advisor
October 2008
Issue Theme: Historic Rehabilitation


Senate Passes Stimulus Measure; Side-By-Side Comparison of Tax and Housing Provisions

The United State Senate has approved HR1: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on a vote of 61-37. The Congressional Budget Office reports that the current version of the measure would cost $838 billion over ten years. Only three Republicans voted in favor of the measure. The package now heads to a House-Senate conference to resolve differences between the two versions. A compromise measure is expected towards the end of the week. A summary of the key housing and tax credit related provisions include…


Arizona Amends LIHTC Utility Allowance Regulations

The Arizona Department of Housing has released a notice that summarizes proposed changes to the July 2008 IRS ruling that amends utility allowance regulations for the low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program.


IRS Issues Rule on Conduit Financing Arrangements

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a proposed rule relating to conduit financing arrangements.

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