Market Study Fundamentals Webinar Series


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Friday, October 9
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Part 1: The Elements of Real Estate Market Analysis, Site Analysis, Primary Market Area & Economic Context

  1. Welcome & Introductions
  2. The Elements of Real Estate Market Analysis
    • What a Market Study Is and Is NOT
    • What are the different types of market studies
    • Components of a Market Studies
    • Understanding Scope of Work
  3. Site Analysis & Primary Market Area
    • Site Analysis: understanding the site characteristics & plan
    • Neighborhood Analysis
    • Crime’s impact on marketability
    • Defining Primary & Secondary Market Areas
    • Primary Market Area vs. Housing Market Area
    • Primary Market Area Considerations & Factors for Delineation of Primary Market Areas
    • Market Area Red Flags
  4. Economic Context
    • Labor Force & Unemployment
    • At Place Employment

Conclusion of Part 1

Friday, October 16
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Part 2: Demographic Trends, Rental Market Trends and Conditions

  1. Demographic Trends
    • Sources of Data (public and private)
    • Factors Impacting Population and Household Trends & Projections
    • Demographic Context & Analysis
    • Drawing Conclusions from Economic Data Sources
  2. Rental Market Trends and Conditions
    • Construction and Absorption Levels
    • Characteristics of Housing Stock
    • Rent & Vacancy Trends
    • Pipeline
    • Construction and US Census Data: Building Permit Data & Household Data Profiles

Conclusion of Part 2

Friday, October 23
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Part 3: Calculating Market Rent, Capture Rates, Demand Analysis, Rent Analysis & Drawing Conclusions

  1. Calculating Market Rent
  2. Capture Rates, Demand Analysis & Rent Analysis
    • Factors Impacting the Relevance of the Comparable Properties
    • Considerations for Age-Restricted Properties
    • Comparable Properties for Rehabs
    • Defining & Calculating Achievable Rent
    • Rent Adjustment Grids
    • Achievable Rent Red Flags
    • Demand Analysis & Considerations
    • Calculating and Interpreting Capture Rates & Penetration Rates
  3. Project Feasibility
    • Rent Reconciliation
    • Project Evaluation
    • Absorption

Conclusion of Part 3

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