Minnesota Releases Proposed 2012-2013 Budget Summary

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency recently published the state’s FY 2012-2013 housing budget proposal summary.


State Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit Outlook for 2011

NH&RA Historic Preservation Development Council Member MacRostie Historic Advisors has posted an excellent state historic tax credit update on its website.


States Release QAPs, Materials Governing 2011 LIHTC Program

Several state housing finance agencies have released varying drafts of their 2011 QAPs over the past few weeks, as well as LIHTC program materials, proposed changes and other information.


Minnesota Names Assistant Commissioner For Multifamily Business

Minnesota Housing announces the appointment of Marcia Kolb as Assistant Commissioner for Multifamily Business.


Minnesota Enacts Historic Tax Credit Law

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty early this month signed into law the Minnesota Jobs Stimulus Bill (House File 2695


Minnesota Releases Proposed Revisions for 2011 QAP

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency has released a notice of proposed revisions to 2011 low-income housing tax credit program, QAP and procedural manual.


Five Midwestern State Allocators at One Table

NH&RA announced today that a rare assemblage of five state allocators from adjoining Midwestern states will be a highlight of the Annual Meeting of the National Council of Affordable Housing Market Analysts (NCAHMA) at Chicago’s Doubletree Hotel on November 9 and 10.


HUD Announces First Round of TCAP Awards

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan yesterday announced that HUD has approved requests from 26 states for over $1 billion in funding through the Tax Credit Assistance Program (TCAP), provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).


Senator Bayh Introduces Disaster Housing Legislation

Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) has proposed legislation that would make $230 million in funding immediately available to begin work on shovel-ready affordable housing developments in flood-ravaged areas of Indiana. The legislation would clarifiy that disaster housing credits in Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin would be eligible for the Tax Credit Exchange Program.


Minnesota Agency Posts Selection Criteria for TCAP, Exchange

The Minnesota Housing Finance Agency recently published its selection process and criteria for eligible projects applying for funding through the Tax Credit Exchange and Tax Credit Assistance (TCAP) Programs.


States’ ARRA Resource Page

NH&RA will continue to update the ARRA resource page below as information is made available.


Minnesota Housing announces new timeline for RFPs

Minnesota Housing has announced changes and new timeline for the Agency’s requests for proposals.

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